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Festive Menu for Xmas Eve, Xmas Day & New Years Eve.



Chicken Chat Puree

Sheek Kebab

Meat Somoza

Prawn Puree

Mix Starter

(Chicken Tikka, Onion Bhaji & Sheek Kebab)

Chicken Pakoras

Onion Bhaji

Vegetable Chat Puree

Vegetable Somoza






Pilau Rice


Boiled Rice


Mushroom Rice




Chicken or Lamb Madras (Hot)

Extensive use of hot and fiery spices with garlic, lemon and ginger and a greater proportion of tomato puree base.


Chicken Rogan Josh (Medium)

Here the characteristic of the dish is derived from the use of tomatoes, pimentos and onions in spiced oil, to create a mouth-watering tomato based medium spiced dish.


Chicken or Lamb Bhuna (Medium)

A combination of herbs and spices together to provide a dish of medium strength, rather dry consistency as compared to a plain curry.


Chicken Tikka Balti (Medium or Hot)

This dish has endured over the centuries into a pan cooked stir fried dish with aromatic herbs and spices with gram mossalla; balti paste with fresh coriander leafs.


Chicken Tikka Korma (Mild)

A very mild and creamy dish with the use of coconut, almond and sugar mixed with mild spices to create a wonderful creamy texture taste.


Chicken Jallfrezi (Hot)

This dish is cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, sliced capsicums, onions in a hot and spicy flavoured dish with fresh green chillies.


Chicken Karahi (Med)

Delicately spiced and cooked with peeled tomatoes, onions, capsicums and garnished with fresh coriander.


Chicken Tikka (Med)

Marinated in yoghurt with fresh ground spices & a variety of herbs, barbecued in a clay oven. Served with salad & a vegetable curry sauce.


Chicken or Lamb Tikka Biryani (Med)

Prepared with basmati rice & mixed spices, garnished with an omelette.

Served with a vegetable curry sauce.


Bengal Fish (Med or Hot)

Whole boneless white fish lightly grilled in spices and served on a rich bhuna style sauce and sprinkled with crispy onions. Highly recommended fish dish.



Chicken Tikka Roshoni (Med or Hot)

This dish is cooked with fresh cloves of garlic in a smooth spicy dish with different herbs, and garnished with tomato & coriander. A highly recommended dish.


Chicken or Lamb Tikka Nepalese (Hot)

Cooked in an exotic mix of spices, red & green peppers, onions, green chillies and a spicy Nepalese chilli sauce to give a wonderful texture and taste.


Sagwala Chicken Tikka or Lamb (Med)

A lovely dish consisting of medium spices, garlic, ginger & finely chopped onions cooked with spinach. A popular excellent dish of India.


Chicken Tikka Massalla (Mild)

A mild to medium spiced dish cooked with chicken roasted in the tandoori then in a creamy thick sauce with almonds, coconut delicately blended with aromatic herbs & spices.


Tandoori Mix (Med)

Marinated in yoghurt with fresh ground spices & a variety of herbs, barbecued in a clay oven. Served with salad & a vegetable curry sauce.


Chicken Dhanyia Sylheti (Hot & Spicy)

Chicken Tikka diced, cooked in a spicy thick sauce with fresh spring onions, garlic, ginger & tomato. Garnished with plenty of fresh coriander.


Chicken Tikka Makhani (Mild)

Mildly spiced, diced chicken tikka roasted in tandoori, cooked in a special creamy sauce made from fragrant spices, ground almond, butter coconut and topped with cheese.


Chicken Tikka Peshwar (Mild)

Chicken tikka cooked with onions, ground almonds, sultanas, fresh cream and herbs in a very thick mild creamy textured sauce, sprinkled with coconut.
















Plain Nan


Garlic Nan